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 Vanetta Sylvestro

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PostSubject: Vanetta Sylvestro   Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:57 pm

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Full Name: Vanetta Sylvestro
Daughter of: The Sylvestro Vampires
Age: 1500
Killer Style (Explain your fashion sense and describe what you like to wear.):
Vanetta likes to wear a lot of girly and trendy clothing. Her favorite hairstyle is usually in a ponytail and she likes to add a touch of soft pink lipstick to her beauty look.

Freaky Flaw (Describe a negative trait and explain what affect it has on your character.): This could be counted as both a freaky flaw and a positive thing but Vanetta is able to stand in the sun for an unusual amount of time even though she is a vampire. She is also naturally very tanned so when other vampires see her they regard her as a "freak" because she doesn't fit in. She is also a vegan vampire so she does not like blood and does not crave it.
Vanessa loves nature and loves flowers and everything that is pretty. She is sweet and likes to help her friend whenever she can. She also loves fashion and likes to always stay beautiful. Even though she does love nature she is afraid of dirt and doesn't like to get dirty. She is also obsessed with her phone and her iCoffin. Vanetta's confidence is also easily to be knocked down, she takes insults to heart and can be depressed for days over things that hurt her.
Favorite Color: Light Pink
Favorite Food: Green Salad
Biggest Pet Peeve (Something that annoys you.): Fake Friends 
Favorite Hobby/Activity: Drawing
Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages
Least Favorite Subject: Dragonometry Class
Important Facts (Background History and Extra Information): 
Vanetta is your basic kind of ghoul, she usually hangs out with the popular crowd but doesn't have a mean attitude. She likes to endorse kindness and peacefulness around Monster High. As a child Vanetta used to attend Vampire High but she would get bullied because of her weird traits when it comes to being a vampire. Vanetta can't turn into a bat, drink blood, and she can stay in the sun longer than most vampires. Her traits contrast with the vampire lifestyle, therefore everyone at Vampire High used to regard her as a normie rather than an actual vampire. Finally, when Vanetta was tired of being bullying she find hope at Monster High so she transferred there. 
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Vanetta Sylvestro
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